Monday, 4 July 2016

Sirius-lly aligned on the 4th of July...

Today marks a very super charged powerful day. No not because it's Independence Day for our fellow Americans, but we see where they get the concept from...

Today is Sirius alignment day. What does that mean. The binary star system will be in direct alignment with our Sun, which will be in alignment with our Earth. It happens every year. On top of that there will be a New Moon in Cancer... That's a whole lot of energy right there. You can almost feel the heat charging from our Galactic star (Sun). Well you could this morning :-)
In simple there is a central sun behind our sun sending some cosmically radiant energy onto our planet today.

Anyway make you some new goals, set some new aims and most importantly take care of how you feel. 

Plug yourself in, charge up and have a Sirius-lly Abundant day!