Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Full Moon @ 27 Degrees Capricorn ~ Cold Waters ~

The moon has made it's full illumination in the sign of Capricorn tonight and is at its furthest point away from its home. . And although this represents a time of releasing and letting go, its also a time to reflect on our old stagnant emotional attitudes, the chilly waters which lie within, the tides that keep fluctuating back and forth that later restrict our emotional intelligence and guidance system.

There is a lot to learn from this full moon the most important one is how we are currently operating our emotional bodies. There has been so much taking place on a global level lately that has forced us to only work with the most animalistic parts of of brains. The part from which we are in flight or flight mode. And in some cases this is not an issue, it's part of our survival. However theres a crucial point that needs to be understood.

We can not be receptive and creative when we are in survival mode (fight or flight). Knowing and understanding what is taking place on an emotional level and checking in on ourselves is vital during these times where a lot of global issues are surfacing and old paradigms begin to collapse.

We are embracing many changes and there is so much work to be done on a mass level, but we need emotional stability in self first in order to achieve what we set out to achieve. Emotions are the glue between thoughts and manifestation. The universe responds by how you feel not what you think!

So with that said we have a couple more days of understanding and tuning back in to what our emotions are telling us about ourselves before the sun enters Leo. Releasing emotions that are not ours and becoming receptive to what the greater intelligence is about to offer us!


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