Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spiritual Warrior New Moon

I always find New Moons to be a good time to dig deep into the mind and begin to plant seeds mentally for ideas, concepts, targets, creations, projects that may have been lingering in the most deepest part of the subconscious. Its a time to begin to process them for fruition.

This is mainly because New Moons are very spiritual times for going within and checking our emotional bank balance, dealing with our emotional debts and celebrating emotional successes as it deals with everything on a subconscious level. Its a time for spiritual clarity and after the last Full 'Smokey' Moon in Pisces, its much needed.

The Moon is the time keeper, the ancients relied on it to heavily to measure time and to understand the most powerful functions of ourselves we quite unknowingly just brush away or keep hidden. 
That being our objective and subjective emotions. 
We understand how much its position and angle to the sun effects us on a daily basis. How it affects the magnetism of our seas and us humans on an energetic level.

In Ancient Egypt, Khonsu the ancient God who ruled the moon and the measurement of time, was strongly associated with his links to fertility and creation which makes sense when looking at the energy of Khonsu on the astrological scale ruling Cancer, which is the ancestral doorway to our matriarch lineage. Cancer is the gateway to the central sun Sirius which is why the ancients acknowledged our ancestral lineage when our sun lined up with the central sun on July 4th.

They understood the power of the moons energy when these windows or vortexes of time would open up and align the consciousness of the people with the conscious messages of the ancestors.

So going back to this new moon in Aries. It marks a time to start the next cycle with a fresh new perspective on the direction we are pushing towards. We entered the area of space ruled by Aries on the Spring Equinox and now we will be feeling the effects of this Courageous New moon which will reign over us for the next 28 days.

This Aries New moon allows us to step into the Courageous Warrior aspect of ourselves and helps us to step with confidence. We all have that 'Spiritual Warrior' within. Even the most introverted of us.
There is no better time than now to prioritse this aspect of self and nurture it. We do what needs to be done for self first. Yes it's okay to be selfish when you have spent so much time whilst the sun was in Pisces assisting and catering to everyone else's needs. There's nothing to feel guilty about. It is essential to activating the leader within for us to pioneer to greatness. It is part of our self development.

There are currently 6 planets in Aries including the Sun and the Moon. With all this energy it's definitely highlighting some focal points that require attention to our relationships. Venus retrograde has a tendency to bring things from the past whether that be partners, friends or work related associates and with Uranus also in the mix it could bring some unexpected changes.

We need to look back at these areas so we are able to advance within our relationships and friendships more openly and deeply.

Trying to build new relationships during this period of Venus on her retrograde will disort the very foundations trying to be built and means longevity will be compensated as the planet is not in it's natural movement.
With that said Aries season will give us that much needed urge to push through with our needs 'first'. Spring provides us with the perfect environment to start a fresh new slate to clear up our act and begin steering our vehicles in the direction of Vitality.

Have a Beautiful Spring

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

What is Meta Yoga

Meta Yoga introduces a technique of combining metaphysics with yoga. We understand the deep connection with aligning the anatomy of the body with the anatomy of the universe.

This touches on a combination of ancient sciences including Astrology, Asana (postures and sequences), Hudu (Afrikan Tai Chi, moving with the Elements), Rhythmic Breath and Meditation. This finely attuned practice focuses on body, mind and space alignment to achieve optimum health and balance assisting on the path to evolution.

It's not only a great way to detox the body, mind, and find greater inner peace with the soul but it also allows us to become more in tune with the natural laws of nature we so easily forget in our daily routines. Meta Yoga can allow us to move through each day with a holistic approach to self discovery, peace and self elevation.

Astrology has been practiced by civilizations as far back as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. It involves the observation of celestial movements in space and time. Knowing when to plant seeds, when to reap, is an important part of our survival and evolution. The animal kingdom know this so well and it all correlates to the fluctuations of the planets (esp the sun and the moon).

The Solar System, which we live in is composed of 9 planets and a Star, our Sun. The gravitational pull from the sun in our Solar System effects each planet within it as they all revolve around it. The sun is the Creator of our Solar System. Like the moon the planets reflect the light of the sun as it creates gravitational pulls of energy, which affect earth. 
The gases and waves of electromagnetic energy then penetrate through earths atmosphere and as receptive inhabitants of the earth we are constantly receiving signals via our nervous system, passing through the human body. 

Think about how we ground our self to the earth. When the feet connect to the earth we plug ourselves into a field of electricity and become charged. We constantly receive messages via waves of electricity within the human body to maintain our health.

We see on a daily basis how the sun alone is affecting us, being the closest star to us. We feel it's radiation/ cosmic rays first hand. We see how important it is to sustaining life. We see its light. We see its impact on photosynthesis.

The whole solar system is creating a Dance of energy and our earth is taking part too.
The yoga practice can allow us to align with this energy in a holistic way.

We take the journey with the sun through the cosmos working on a specific area of the body to rejuvenate, align and strengthen each part using body space awareness, looking at how planetary transits affect human consciousness. This extends beyond the mat and into our everyday reflections and interpretations of Life. We literally move with nature and allow the mind, postures and breath to take us to a place of Samadhi ( an interconnectedness with all that is).

'We are of the All and the All is within us'

As the sun makes it's 360 degree journey through space it spends on average 30 days in each constellation. Each constellation and it's ruling celestial planet corresponds with a different part of the body. For example we start with Aries which rules the Head and end with Pisces which rules the feet, our foundations. They hold every nerve ending in the body and are the furthest away from the heart which makes perfect sense why they are the last astrological body part the sun goes through.

As our practice blends Hatha (Hatha in Sanskrit meaning Ha = Sun Tha = Moon) and Afrikan Yoga, which incorporates Hudu (African Tai Chi, Dancing with the Elements) derived from the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) system, Meta Yoga allows us to tune deeper into ourselves using the natural tools of nature.

A powerful inspirational addition to our Yoga practice. 

It's beyond a physical practice. 


Taught by Nai Davina 400hrs Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher, Astrology Consultant, Creative Artistic Director of Back 2 Roots International (Arts Media Culture) 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

It's a New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Pisces

So we have a solar eclipse in Pisces. There's so much going on with this new moon eclipse but before I go into looking into this vibration in more depth I want to take a minute to shout out all you dreamy Pisceans out there.
If there was ever a time for you to delve into the depths of your imagination, where your dreams live and pull them through to make them a reality, it would be NOW.
But wait! There are a few things that should be addressed first and it stems beyond what you think you want and more in alignment of what you really need.

Solar eclipses are represented by the sun and the moon conjoined together in the sky renewing the electromagnetic vibrational frequency of the earth. Yes we should take a minute to say Thank You!

Not only are the sun and moon together again but we have Neptune (Visions) Chiron (healing) and Mercury (thoughts) also joining in on this celestial party of Renewal.

We need to take a look at what is occupying our higher minds during this time. What are we storing up there? Is it assisting us on the path of healing and growth? or just adding to the outdated false
programs we have built up about ourselves stored in the subconscious parts of our minds, being projected out consistently as our truth.

Pisces is the last star constellation before we start off the Spring New Year, which also carries the theme of endings and new beginnings. These new beginnings are almost fated. Like when you think you really WANT something but the universe keeps conspiring to give you exactly what you NEED. That's unconditional love right there. There's a level of healing that needs to take place before we can delve deep into our unlimited potential. In order to do so we need to restore that love within the self first, find our truth and don't be afraid to live by it.

This eclipse has everything to do with how we love on a higher universal unconditional level. Divine love that is. That unconditional love that allows your heart to pump nearly 2000 gallons of blood around the body every single day without a please or thank you. That type of love that does without acknowledgment. That's that Piscean love. The highest octave of Venus.
Eclipses usually have a 3 – 6 month effect on our consciousness before they even set in and could last up to a year. The energy emitted around this time is long lasting and has substantial influence on the areas that are being highlighted either just before the eclipse or just after by way of an event.

What has been the theme up until this point? Lets take it back betweeen 7 – 10 days prior to today. Or even looking back at the events of the lunar eclipse earlier this month. In answering that question you will have insight into what the universe is conspiring for you to take a further look into to work through in order to shed it's light on new beginnings.

The key here is not to fear letting go, not to fear the unknown and building healthy boundaries for self first. In doing so we could potentially miss out on great opportunities. Think Big! Think New! Set new Intentions for yourself and most importantly move into the direction of your imagination and express your dreams.

There are so many things we can do.
You can taste you can touch you can make moves.
Just use your imagination.
You are creation.
If you can’t recall,
I can show you who you are.
I see you.
I see your empire.
I see you so much higher.
It’s time to grow baby.
Use your imagination.
It’s all perception my love.
All is how we read it.
We are more than we think.
Do you see?
I am of the All,
And the All is of me.
Imagine that,
Now Be.

Have a Beautiful New Moon!


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Rare Super Het-Heru Moon!

Well its that time again and as i'm writing this i'm reflecting on what an abundant time it is to be alive. 

With Neptune in its home of Pisces there is definitely a spiritual cleaning taking place which is providing many levels of healing throughout our collective consciousness. With the sun currently in Scorpio making aspect to Chiron (healing) a lot of things that were buried are coming to surface on a physical and metaphysical transformative level. We can no longer mask what is truly going on inside, as its reflecting in our external world in real time. The truth on all levels is being exposed and it's making a lot of people uncomfortable. For others its a great time to make great changes.

A greater force is prompting us to deal with our deeper inner fears, insecurities so we can be our truest, greatest potential. 

Yes we will be witnessing a Super moon, the first of it's kind in 68yrs. The moon will be at it's closest proximity to the earth, the first in my lifetime. What does that mean for us earth begins? 

The magnetic pull will be stronger than it has been for many years intensifying our emotional bodies whilst providing a release mechanism.
Tomorrow at 13.52pm when the sun is at its most elevated point in the sky(noon), is when the Moon will be most activated in Taurus and although this moon will affect everyone under it, its pull will have a stronger internal effects on Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. It places emphasis on finances, real estate, sexual partners, joint partners and the things we love to do.

The sun is currently transiting through the underworld star group of Scorpio shedding light on everything hidden down there whilst the Moon is reflecting and releasing this through its deep level of subconscious transformation and healing. We are witnessing the energies of an Unseen Feminine force working together in the cosmos. 
As we are a reflection of this Macro universe be sure that it is happening to us on a micro level. The feminine energy is at its peak. 

This full moon is everything to do with the Goddess Het- Heru on her seat of creativity, love and sexuality. She governs the Laws of Attraction, the gateway to sensuality and how we use the creative faculties of our minds to build secure foundations for the future.

With Chiron and Pluto in the mix there is a level of understanding that we shouldn't be ashamed of our past wounds and our scars as they are key to accessing our powers within. They hold with them emotional memories. We cannot build on rocky foundations more so we need to use these experiences to remind us of the inner work we have done so far and allow it to catapult us to our visions. What we feel is everything to do with manifestation.

Taurus and Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius are all fixed signs, which means whatever visions formalised under these energies can stand the test of time. They are the 4 pillars that firmly holds our creations in place and as we are in the age of Aquarius, it requires the assistance of its other 3 fixed signs to activate its truest vibration. The pillars of stability and security. Elements that we need to seek within ourselves. 

I say this with so much gratitude and passion as i truly understand that, when you align yourself with the celestial energy you can utilize it to harness into the terrestrial reality anything you desire/require on your path.

However it's important to know your cosmic role. Too many people are doing things out of there cosmic DNA and not getting the results they want because they are not aligned with that which they THINK they should be doing. 

We are stellar gods/goddesses. Play out your true role. There is no mistaking that you know your role by the way it makes you feel, start manifesting what you truly are.

Its the law of correspondence at play. And this Full Moon is another reminder that we are given the opportunity to release and rewire everyday, take what you need or let go of what isn't needed from this full moon energy. Its here to assist you!

Have a beautiful Het Heru Full Moon.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mercury Retrograde ~ Solar Eclipse ~ Attention!

So it's the night of a interesting Solar Eclipse and 2 days into Mercury Retro.

Double Whammy indeed!

The Solar Eclipse took place this morning (BST) in the sign of Virgo for all you Virgos and Leos that have just been celebrating your birthday. This ones for you. Deep Breath.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. When it is in Retrograde to us on earth it looks as though it is reversing right past us going in a backward motion. Either that or we just stepped on the accelerator and speeded past it.

One way or the other the motion of the planet has shifted and in effect we feel the electromagnetic shift materialise here on earth.

Gemini is represented as the twins in cosmology. Mercury is a mental, electrical planet. Deals with traveling, commuting, thinking, writing, speaking, electronics etc. If there is a time when things can be seen to be misunderstood then it's NOW. Technology phones and all electrical devices start playing up. Back up important files! (Message to Self).
Things may not be as clear right now. A lot of cloudy illusions and misinterpreted observations. You may have to revisit a lot of things from your past at this time. This is a time to go back with the planet and re-evaluate, redo, reorganize, remove and re focus yourself.

Note: Don't take anything on face value during this phase either. Pay more attention to the detail. Especially with this eclipse energy. One thing to know about the energy of eclipses is you will tend to see the effects of them 6months after they have happened. What you think or do today and tomorrow can have strong impacts into your spring 2017. Sounds a long way away but the impacts of an Eclipse are so powerful it forces us back into focus. Just like the expression 'Tough Love'
Better still you could think back to what arose 6 months ago from the last Solar Eclipse in March. You may find a common link.

What I must say is all this energy is fueled up by mars for the next few days, Mars is accident prone. It's the official "Go Get It" planet. Act first think later. You may notice a lot more accidents.

Be mindful. Be Safe.

So it's not common for me to read news but i had to add this as it was a instant reflection of this potent energy.

The retrograde came in August 30th. Exactly the day after an accident (mars) involving a lady and a young boy and two twins caught my attention, where they were all involved in a car crash (mercury retrograde) in London.


Unfortunately the lady and young boy involved in the crash died. However the 13 year old TWINS (Gemini) survived the accident when 20 bystanders used their power to lift the car, releasing them from the wreckage. RIP to the beautiful young souls that didn't make it.

Now this may not seem like a story to go under astrological observation but what needs to be understood is Energy Expresses itself through matter in real time.

All the common denominators are highlighted in this tragic story. It is a cosmic reflection of what is happening planetary. It's all light manifested into matter returning back to light. The language of the Cosmos.

On a more reflective angle, use this time to understand the energy and move with it. There is no bad or good planet ~ just vibrations.

Clear your mind, slow down and centre yourself light beings.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Moon in LEO baby!

So we are almost half way through Leo season and today at 9.44pm the moon will join with the sun at 10 degrees Leo. Love Love Love! 
This new moon focuses and emphasizes on Expression! Self expression to be precise. If there is anytime to focus on creatively expressing yourself then its for the next 28 days. What is your creative trademark? What do you love to do? Well now's a good time to put it out there. This can be in your work life or in your personal life. Whichever one, just make sure you have fun doing it. The magnetic pull of the moon combined with creative force of the sun acts in union to magnify any pursuits you want to focus your attention on ( especially related to work, being they are trine Saturn). 
With mars just coming out of retrograde (which looks like it is traveling backwards) in Scorpio, yes there have been some pretty intense energies around especially in relationships and even with finances. With it now moving forward again we can use all that intensity being built up since April and rocket it to make some big moves. 

It's really time to start solidifying goals which have took a back seat for a while and breathing life into them. I can't really emphasize enough how important timing is when you see alignments that are there to assist you in creating and manifesting your goals. It's an ancient science that our ancestors worked with so well. There is a celestial vortex that opens up and all you have to do is be present when it does. There is a time to move, there's a time to chill, theres a time to speak out and there's a time to be silent. Right now it's time to fall in love (with yourself first) and see what ideas you can give life to. Be in
alignment with yourself. Create a new you. And be the centre of your own attention! Unapologetically!