Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Moon in LEO baby!

So we are almost half way through Leo season and today at 9.44pm the moon will join with the sun at 10 degrees Leo. Love Love Love! 
This new moon focuses and emphasizes on Expression! Self expression to be precise. If there is anytime to focus on creatively expressing yourself then its for the next 28 days. What is your creative trademark? What do you love to do? Well now's a good time to put it out there. This can be in your work life or in your personal life. Whichever one, just make sure you have fun doing it. The magnetic pull of the moon combined with creative force of the sun acts in union to magnify any pursuits you want to focus your attention on ( especially related to work, being they are trine Saturn). 
With mars just coming out of retrograde (which looks like it is traveling backwards) in Scorpio, yes there have been some pretty intense energies around especially in relationships and even with finances. With it now moving forward again we can use all that intensity being built up since April and rocket it to make some big moves. 

It's really time to start solidifying goals which have took a back seat for a while and breathing life into them. I can't really emphasize enough how important timing is when you see alignments that are there to assist you in creating and manifesting your goals. It's an ancient science that our ancestors worked with so well. There is a celestial vortex that opens up and all you have to do is be present when it does. There is a time to move, there's a time to chill, theres a time to speak out and there's a time to be silent. Right now it's time to fall in love (with yourself first) and see what ideas you can give life to. Be in
alignment with yourself. Create a new you. And be the centre of your own attention! Unapologetically!

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