Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spiritual Warrior New Moon

I always find New Moons to be a good time to dig deep into the mind and begin to plant seeds mentally for ideas, concepts, targets, creations, projects that may have been lingering in the most deepest part of the subconscious. Its a time to begin to process them for fruition.

This is mainly because New Moons are very spiritual times for going within and checking our emotional bank balance, dealing with our emotional debts and celebrating emotional successes as it deals with everything on a subconscious level. Its a time for spiritual clarity and after the last Full 'Smokey' Moon in Pisces, its much needed.

The Moon is the time keeper, the ancients relied on it to heavily to measure time and to understand the most powerful functions of ourselves we quite unknowingly just brush away or keep hidden. 
That being our objective and subjective emotions. 
We understand how much its position and angle to the sun effects us on a daily basis. How it affects the magnetism of our seas and us humans on an energetic level.

In Ancient Egypt, Khonsu the ancient God who ruled the moon and the measurement of time, was strongly associated with his links to fertility and creation which makes sense when looking at the energy of Khonsu on the astrological scale ruling Cancer, which is the ancestral doorway to our matriarch lineage. Cancer is the gateway to the central sun Sirius which is why the ancients acknowledged our ancestral lineage when our sun lined up with the central sun on July 4th.

They understood the power of the moons energy when these windows or vortexes of time would open up and align the consciousness of the people with the conscious messages of the ancestors.

So going back to this new moon in Aries. It marks a time to start the next cycle with a fresh new perspective on the direction we are pushing towards. We entered the area of space ruled by Aries on the Spring Equinox and now we will be feeling the effects of this Courageous New moon which will reign over us for the next 28 days.

This Aries New moon allows us to step into the Courageous Warrior aspect of ourselves and helps us to step with confidence. We all have that 'Spiritual Warrior' within. Even the most introverted of us.
There is no better time than now to prioritse this aspect of self and nurture it. We do what needs to be done for self first. Yes it's okay to be selfish when you have spent so much time whilst the sun was in Pisces assisting and catering to everyone else's needs. There's nothing to feel guilty about. It is essential to activating the leader within for us to pioneer to greatness. It is part of our self development.

There are currently 6 planets in Aries including the Sun and the Moon. With all this energy it's definitely highlighting some focal points that require attention to our relationships. Venus retrograde has a tendency to bring things from the past whether that be partners, friends or work related associates and with Uranus also in the mix it could bring some unexpected changes.

We need to look back at these areas so we are able to advance within our relationships and friendships more openly and deeply.

Trying to build new relationships during this period of Venus on her retrograde will disort the very foundations trying to be built and means longevity will be compensated as the planet is not in it's natural movement.
With that said Aries season will give us that much needed urge to push through with our needs 'first'. Spring provides us with the perfect environment to start a fresh new slate to clear up our act and begin steering our vehicles in the direction of Vitality.

Have a Beautiful Spring

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