Wednesday, 1 March 2017

What is Meta Yoga

Meta Yoga introduces a technique of combining metaphysics with yoga. We understand the deep connection with aligning the anatomy of the body with the anatomy of the universe.

This touches on a combination of ancient sciences including Astrology, Asana (postures and sequences), Hudu (Afrikan Tai Chi, moving with the Elements), Rhythmic Breath and Meditation. This finely attuned practice focuses on body, mind and space alignment to achieve optimum health and balance assisting on the path to evolution.

It's not only a great way to detox the body, mind, and find greater inner peace with the soul but it also allows us to become more in tune with the natural laws of nature we so easily forget in our daily routines. Meta Yoga can allow us to move through each day with a holistic approach to self discovery, peace and self elevation.

Astrology has been practiced by civilizations as far back as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. It involves the observation of celestial movements in space and time. Knowing when to plant seeds, when to reap, is an important part of our survival and evolution. The animal kingdom know this so well and it all correlates to the fluctuations of the planets (esp the sun and the moon).

The Solar System, which we live in is composed of 9 planets and a Star, our Sun. The gravitational pull from the sun in our Solar System effects each planet within it as they all revolve around it. The sun is the Creator of our Solar System. Like the moon the planets reflect the light of the sun as it creates gravitational pulls of energy, which affect earth. 
The gases and waves of electromagnetic energy then penetrate through earths atmosphere and as receptive inhabitants of the earth we are constantly receiving signals via our nervous system, passing through the human body. 

Think about how we ground our self to the earth. When the feet connect to the earth we plug ourselves into a field of electricity and become charged. We constantly receive messages via waves of electricity within the human body to maintain our health.

We see on a daily basis how the sun alone is affecting us, being the closest star to us. We feel it's radiation/ cosmic rays first hand. We see how important it is to sustaining life. We see its light. We see its impact on photosynthesis.

The whole solar system is creating a Dance of energy and our earth is taking part too.
The yoga practice can allow us to align with this energy in a holistic way.

We take the journey with the sun through the cosmos working on a specific area of the body to rejuvenate, align and strengthen each part using body space awareness, looking at how planetary transits affect human consciousness. This extends beyond the mat and into our everyday reflections and interpretations of Life. We literally move with nature and allow the mind, postures and breath to take us to a place of Samadhi ( an interconnectedness with all that is).

'We are of the All and the All is within us'

As the sun makes it's 360 degree journey through space it spends on average 30 days in each constellation. Each constellation and it's ruling celestial planet corresponds with a different part of the body. For example we start with Aries which rules the Head and end with Pisces which rules the feet, our foundations. They hold every nerve ending in the body and are the furthest away from the heart which makes perfect sense why they are the last astrological body part the sun goes through.

As our practice blends Hatha (Hatha in Sanskrit meaning Ha = Sun Tha = Moon) and Afrikan Yoga, which incorporates Hudu (African Tai Chi, Dancing with the Elements) derived from the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) system, Meta Yoga allows us to tune deeper into ourselves using the natural tools of nature.

A powerful inspirational addition to our Yoga practice. 

It's beyond a physical practice. 


Taught by Nai Davina 400hrs Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher, Astrology Consultant, Creative Artistic Director of Back 2 Roots International (Arts Media Culture) 

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